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For those of us who are average

We live in a world of specialists. The academic world is becoming increasingly an environment where you learn to do something specific. The business world (profit or not for-profit) is increasingly looking for specialists. There is even a common principle–do less to do more.  This is based on the principle of specialization.  The idea being, …


A conversation about making a difference

This is from an email dialogue with a friend. What does “according to the power at work within us” mean in the context of the last few verses of Eph 3? Staring at it with different glasses today. Ephesians 3:20 The book of Ephesians has a strong “power” focus–see 1:18-23–2:6. Actually the whole book could …


Question of the day

Does our church reflect the culture or does it shape the culture? If we want to shape the culture, we must: Keep the main thing the man thing. What is the main thing–keeping God the focus by passionately teaching His Word in such a way that individuals feel/are motivated to change and compelled to reach …