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  1. Thanks Sally.

    I haven’t written much this past couple of week–we’re headed to the DR on a missions trip.

    And I’ve added your blog to my blog reader.

  2. Wow not only are we both ATCKs and in His Hands serving together but we are both poets and didn’t know it. I have published about 27 songs and poems over the years but most are in other languages. I will look for some of my better ones and bring you a couple copies. After reading Eugene Peterson’s book on the Psalms I paraphrased several Psalms into my own poems. Love Poetry and enjoyed reading the ones on your blog. I guess it comes from our having grown up in the Latin coulture. We always took poems and flowers to birthday parties right?

  3. I noticed that you spoke on Learning to Discern this week in His Hands and was wondering if you’ve uploaded it yet and how to find it if you did.

    1. I was well behind in upload lessons. But just yesterday upload 5 lessons from the current series, “Learning to Discern.”

      You can go to to download the handout and listen to the lesson (you can also subscribe to the podcast).

      4 of the 5 lesson were recorded in the Winsome class, the 5th was in His Hands. I normally have more time in the Winsome class therefore I usually post that recording.

      There are 4 more lessons–lessons I’m really looking forward to developing.

  4. Hey Steve! Glad I found this on Facebook! Though I truly miss the fellowship and discussion provided by the abf, I look forward to reading this blog and gleaning from the content!

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