Inductive Bible Study Resources

I have developed my own inductive study process for personal use and in my areas of ministry but there are many good resources. Below you will find books and websites to assist you in learning and using the inductive Bible study process for yourself.

(Under development)


Grasping the Word, by J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays
One of the best books on the market today for teaching and learning to study the Bible. It works off a more natural approach than Living by the Book.


Living by the Book, by Howard Hendricks
I had the privilege of learning the process under Howard Hendricks at Dallas Theological Seminary, His Book is an adaptation of the course he taught for over 50 years at DTS. The book is available in Kindle version as well. And there is a workbook.


Precept is an organization dedicated to inductive Bible study that creates resources for people to use. A site loosely affiliated with them has developed a nice collection of inductive Bible study summaries and tools.


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