What is fluency?

I had the privilege of growing up in a bi-lingual environment. I spent the first 13 years of my life in Guatemala where my parents served as missionaries. I learned Spanish and English at the same time. My parents spoke to me in English and everyone else spoke to me in Spanish. Great way to learn a language–the natural way.

The advantage of learning a second language this way is that you learn not only language (the words) but culture and mannerisms, which enable you to truly communicate not just speak.

While I at one time would consider myself bilingual, completely fluent in two languages, it has been many years since I was immerse in a Spanish culture. I went to college and seminary in English having some contact with Spanish, but not being immerse in it. So now–am I fluent? I would say no. When someone speaks to me in Spanish, I can understand everything they say. If watch Spanish TV or listen to a sermon in Spanish–I understand. But when I try to engage in conversation it doesn’t flow as easily as it once did. I have to think about the words–and there are words I know in English that I never learned in Spanish as a kid.

Fluency in a language is wonderful. And while I desire to be more fluent in Spanish again, what I really want to be is fluent with God’s Word. I want the Word of God to flow out of me as easily as English (not Spanish) flows out. For my mind to be saturated with God’s Word so that I can speak God’s Word in life situations. As Paul stated in Ephesians 4:29 Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. (ESV),

Fluency with God Word is the result of time in God’s Word–getting to know the Bible, with the purpose of knowing God for the sake of others.

So this blog is for that purpose. To help me and others (particularly in the church I serve) be fluent in God’s Word. That will mean thinking deeply about God, His reveal truth and how it impacts every area of life.


  1. …I was surfing the net for my research related to english fluency in our Research subject and I came across your site.It’s wonderful to know that you do not only endeavor to be fluent in your language but to be fluent in God’s words as well. Way to go sir!

  2. I am in the process of writing a book and named one of the chapters “Becoming Fluent with God”. I thought I google it to see what came up and found this. Thanks!

  3. Love the ATCK flavor from a fellow ATCK. We should talk sometime because i should probably start a blog. Need to get more consistent about blocking out time to write and finish the book I’m currently working on. God has given me incredible stuff so far. Love the pictures and the whole fluency flavor. Thanks for being such a blessing in His Hands.

  4. Hi Steve, I have been listening to Calvary Church sermons. One of them was “God Promises, We Must Trust” spoken by you(Steve Kilgore) on 7/4/2010. Near the end of the sermon where you described how God reveals Himself through scripture(Picture of God). You began with something like this: “God is all powerful, but not ….., He eternal transcendent…”

    Would you be able to send me the complete quote? I would appreciate this very much. I tried to write down what I hear from the audio, but I can’t work out some words that I hear.

    Blessings In Christ!

    Seng Chan
    email: jms_chan3@yahoo.com.au

  5. I understand exactly what you are talking about Steve and that is my motivation to pursue courses and stretch myself to become fluent

  6. I was nice to meet you and have you in class. I hope the class was helpful for your ministry. I look forward to see how you ministry blossoms.

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