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What Americans Believe about Universalism and Pluralism

While survey can’t tell the whole story, this is a survey summary worth. The Barna Group did a survey to identify what Americans in general and what those who claim to be Christian’s believe about universalism and pluralism. Particularly interesting is some of the issue identified related to different generations. You can read the whole …

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False Dichotomies

It appears to me that American Christianity has developed false dichotomies.  Separating items that should not be separated.  In essence we have developed a belief in “either or” rather than the potential of “both and”. Let me illustrate. Within the church and missions circles we have developed the “either or” dichotomy in areas of truth …


What God did/does for us through Jesus

I’m reading Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective  by Fred Sanders and Klause Issler, so when I read this quote on Justin Taylors‘ blog is too good not to shar. I can’t resist reproducing one more quote from Packer’s Praying the Lord’s Prayer. It’s vintage Packer–Pauline in both its length and theology: By wisdom God found a way to justify …