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Definitions of Worship

There are a variety of ways to define worship; here are a few of mine. Encounter and Expression Encounter: Meeting with God, seeing, who He is, understanding His attributes and character, what He does for you (It is thanksgiving focused on the source.) Expression: Celebrating what God has done, who God is based on your …


Planning my New Year resolutions early

This past year I found that my time and activity were too controlled by “outside” forces.  So I have been reading, organizing and beginning to set my goals to taking control of “my” time, schedule and pursuits. Why wait for the New Year to start new resolutions?  So in following posts I will share some …

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Unconquerable Imperfections

Have you ever had the feeling that you will never overcome a persistent weakness? Perhaps a propensity to: Anger Bitterness Impatience or negativity? You pray, you try–and still you seem to lose the battle. Could it be possible that God does not want us to have victory over all our persistent weakness? That almost sound …