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“Give thanks to the Lord for…”

This morning I decided to do a quick search on thanksgiving.  I started with the phrase “give thanks to the Lord for…” What I discovered was interesting.  I expected phrases like “for he is good” or “he is holy.” But the consistent pattern in the Old Testament is… “give thanks to the Lord for” 1 …

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God is Proactive

I’ve been in several environment over the last few weeks where the subject of “predestination” has come up in passages we were discussing–causing frustration on the part of some who were interacting with the passages. And it has dawned on me that the subject–this doctrine–has been taught very poorly, it clashes against either our cultural view of …

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A better glimpse of God

This fall for our men’s mid-week study we will be “looking at God.”  The series is entitled, Seeing God through the eyes of His people: A narrative study of the character and attributes of God” Rather than listing God’s attributes and finding all that places in Scripture they are address or quoting from those who …