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Divine Sovereignty–The Fuel of Death-Defying Missions

Reaching the unreached–because God is sovereign! This is one of the best theological and motivating sermons on the priority of responding to the sovereignty of God in reaching the lost I've ever heard.  Awesome truth, truly convicting! Watch it Listen to it Read the abridgment but by all mean let us respond to it. Listen …

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A better glimpse of God

This fall for our men’s mid-week study we will be “looking at God.”  The series is entitled, Seeing God through the eyes of His people: A narrative study of the character and attributes of God” Rather than listing God’s attributes and finding all that places in Scripture they are address or quoting from those who …

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What Americans Believe about Universalism and Pluralism

While survey can’t tell the whole story, this is a survey summary worth. The Barna Group did a survey to identify what Americans in general and what those who claim to be Christian’s believe about universalism and pluralism. Particularly interesting is some of the issue identified related to different generations. You can read the whole …