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I just finished the last of a three part series on church history.

In the next few days I will post some lessons from church history, but now I want to provide a few links to good church history information sites.

History time line, includes links to listen to or download audio of two seminary classes on church history.

Video summary of church history including small group lesson booklet

A fairly complete church history course taught at Capital Hill Baptist Church, similar to the content in Bruce Shelley’s Church History in Plain Language (2nd Edition, 1995, Word Publishing).

Author: Steve

I love to study the Bible and I love to engage with others in learning. I had been privileged to do this on a regular basis through church ministry and through part-time teaching at a local Bible colleges. Helping individuals learn to feed themselves through their own study of God’s Word is joy-giving to me. Influencing groups to do life and church from a biblically grounded, theologically faithful perspective is my passion.

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