God is Omnipresent

Continued reflections on the attributes, character, person and actions of God.

God is Omnipresent

This is normally defined as, God is everywhere.

But as I ponder this attribute, I’m struck that the normal definition is too small.  Since God is infinite, His omnipresence is infinite–infinite presence. But I know my mind cannot grasp the infinite.  So how can we speak of the infinite presence of God?

God is not everywhere–everywhere is in the presence of God.

That puts the focus correctly on the personal presence of God while at the same time maintaining a balance with His infinite transcendent nature. There is nowhere that is out of the presence of God.

It is God that is “big” and creation “small.”  Even writing that is hard for me to contemplate when I read of and see the magnitude of our universe (see the videos below).  But that is exactly the point–as “big” as the universe is, it is not infinite.  The universe is finite even in its grandeur.

So, if the universe is finite in its grandeur, what is God like?  He is awesome in His infinite presence.  No limitation to where He is, everything is in the presence of God.  God is not bound by the universe.  The universe cannot contain the grandeur of God.

So although everything is in the presence of God and the universe cannot contain God–God is distinct from the universe.  He is not the universe.  He is the Creator and Lord of the Universe. Yet He is personal (see Psalm 139).

So how should we respond to a God who is omnipresent?

  • Awe and worship
  • Don’t try to hide–because we can’t; therefore, be honest with Him
  • Trust because He is always available
  • Comfort from His ever-present nature

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