Link: An Interview with Lecrae and Trip Lee

I love to see the proper contextualization of Christianity.  Here is a link to a long video interview between Justin Taylor (Managing Editor of the ESV Study Bible) and two wonderfully talented, biblically passionate hip hop artists.

Lecrae will be performing as part of Vision Conference, 3/19/11 (check out the new website).

Click here to view

Note below the video the time stamp for different parts.

00:00–3:35 // Trip’s testimony
3:35–9:00 // Lecrae’s testimony
9:00–12:35 // Trip’s path from conversion to today
12:35–16:20 // Lecrae’s path from conversion to today
16:20–17:45 // Lecrae on Reach Records and Reach Life as soundtrack and resources for the movement
17:45–21:35 // Trip on hip-hop as an in-your-face content-heavy art form
21:35–25:11 // Lecrae gives an example of content-packing from “Don’t Waste Your Life”
25:11–27:15 // Lecrae on the origins of Christian rap
27:15–28:57 // Lecrae on the poetical elements of the genre
28:57–30:00 // Trip gives an example from his songs
30:00–32:50 // Lecrae on Reformed theology and race relations
32:50–33:55 // Trip on the diversity of their audience
33:55–36:40 // Lecrae and Trip on being an indigenous missionaries to the urban culture and Reformed theology
36:40–38:00 // Trip on what’s next for him in the next five years
38:00–41:55 // Lecrae on what’s next for him and the opportunities ahead in the cities
41:55–46:20 // Trip and Lecrae on the need to deflect adulation from fans
46:20–47:15 // Trip on Christian hip-hop as one stream of the Reformed resurgence
47:15–49:05 // Lecrae on how folks can be praying for them

Author: Steve

I love to study the Bible and I love to engage with others in learning. I had been privileged to do this on a regular basis through church ministry and through part-time teaching at a local Bible colleges. Helping individuals learn to feed themselves through their own study of God’s Word is joy-giving to me. Influencing groups to do life and church from a biblically grounded, theologically faithful perspective is my passion.

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