Bible Study, Colossians

Colossians 3:1-4 Small Group Questions

  1. In what ways have you tried to change your behavior? (What rules have you set for yourself?)  How have they worked?
  2. When the pressure is really on, and your flesh begins to show itself–what do you try to do to “stop”?
  • Colossians 3:1-4 is about our position in Christ (past, present, future all rolled up together) which should transform our way of thinking.
    1. What difference does it make to you that you have died with Christ
    2. What difference does it make to you that you have been raised with Christ? And that you will be in glory with Him?
    3. What is the most dominant influence on your mind? How do you control it, or fail to control it?
    4. How do your goals or ambitions reflect your position in Christ?
    5. How can you better seek/set your mind on things above? How can you desire and delight in your future home with your King?

    Author: Steve

    I love to study the Bible and I love to engage with others in learning. I had been privileged to do this on a regular basis through church ministry and through part-time teaching at a local Bible colleges. Helping individuals learn to feed themselves through their own study of God’s Word is joy-giving to me. Influencing groups to do life and church from a biblically grounded, theologically faithful perspective is my passion.

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