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Good reading and listening. How important proper perspective is–you don’t work at  the worst place. Andy Stanley and Louie Giglio discussing ministry and church. Taking control of social media. Michael Svigel is starting a set of posts on the church.  The pillers of the church: Marks–orthodoxy, order, ordinances; Works–exultation, edification, evangelism. The pillar of essential …


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A few interesting things I read in blogosphere recently. First–the difference between TV and High Def TV. A woman’s take on “firestorm surrounding Carrie Prejean.” Nice  website here set up by Westminster Theological Seminary–dealing with more than the movie “Angels and Demons.” Post that led me to 6 sermons/lectures by D.A. Carson on Hebrews.


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Worth reading A brief history of Evangelicalism and its current situation: collapse and Calvinism. An in depth analysis of Bart Ehrman’s latest book, Jesus, Interrupted.  Part 1, Part 2. A nice response to Ehrman and others, watch this Day of Discovery 8 part video series–Jesus: Man, Messiah or more?  If nothing else, this Easter season, …