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Encouraging Words, part 2

Between Facebook, texts, emails and cards we have received countless encouraging words since my mother entered the presence of the Lord. Encouragement from those with whom I grew up in Guatemala. Encouragement from those from different churches and institutions we have been connected to. Encouragement from those whom my mother prayed for on multiple continents. …


iPray: core elements of prayer

F–A–C–T–S of Prayer Fellowship (Communion) (Exodus 33:11; 1 John 1:3-7) Encounter:  Meeting with God, seeing who He is, and what He does for you.  It is thankfulness focused on the source. Adoration (Worship, Celebration)             (Hebrews 13:15; Revelation 4:11) Expression:      Celebrating what God has done, who God is, based on your encounter with Him. Confession                                                         …


Prayer: Paul’s Impossible Prayer

Paul normally includes an extensive prayers at the beginning of his letters. These prayers normally include some combination of the concepts: love, faith and hope along with some form of a challenge to growth resulting in effectiveness. As you read through the Pauline epistles you quickly see that these prayers (they often accompanying thanksgiving sections) …