Start up

I’m starting a blog–yes this is the latest fad, but I think there are some significant things that can be communicated. My target audience is going to be “thinking Christians”–primarily people like ABF teachers, small group leaders, Bible students. I am planning on posting some random musings, links to article on key passages that I will be studying, article answering “hot topics” or at least current issues and anything that makes me think.

The biggest difficulty in getting started was coming up with a name. What do you call your blog?

My wife and sons helped me think it through–everything from: Amazed by grace, Inside out, current musings, to Nathan’s very creative Stevie Wonders.

But I settled on Fluency. I’ll explain it in the next entry.

One thought on “Start up”

  1. I love the name. Nathan’s was fun, too. Great idea to add some music to blog by. Keep up the good work.

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