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Own your own weakness

Quote by Johnny Miller, former Senior Pastor of Calvary Church Lancaster.

Own your own weakness.

My interpretation

  • If you don’t know your own weakness, you really don’t understand your strengths.
  • If you don’t know your own weakness, you can’t really appreciate the abundance of grace supplied daily by the Lord.
  • If you don’t know your own weakness, you can’t see God’s strength in your weakness.
  • If you don’t own your own weakness, you simply make excuses and never truly grow.
  • If you don’t own your own weakness, you don’t know who you need and how much you need them.

Peace on Earth

We live in a sin cursed world.  Though we are lulled to sleep in comfort and easy, we periodically are jarred awake by the vile nature of sin.  We instinctively ask “why?”  But no answers will truly fill the void.

But we are not hopeless.
We hope in the One who can bring true peace on earth.
So we long for the day when He returns to rule in justice.

He came once, full of grace and truth, but in lowly form.
He will return, full of grace and truth, but this time in power and glory.

So now the only hope we have is to remember and anticipate.
Remember, He broke into history and changed the world.
Anticipate, He will be the climax of history and change us–completely and permanently.

So, now we pray for peace on earth.


(See next post for the words to Longfellow’s original poem and the story behind the song.)


Keeping Sex in Its Place

"Just as fire only brings warmth when contained in the fireplace, and devastation when allowed to burn where it chooses, sex that is not contained in marriage brings devastation to individuals, families, and communities.

"How can we promote the higher purpose of sex?

"First, we can teach our young men that the essence of manhood is not their ability to be morally loose with many women, but rather to be faithful for a lifetime with one.

"Second, we can teach each of our daughters that if a man really loves her, he will protect and respect her purity, rather than disregard and abuse it.  We can also teach them that virginity is an honor, and not an embarrassment."

TONY EVANS (in Urban Family, Spr 1994)

Repeater of God’s Word

Great quote from Spurgeon.


I am content to live and die as the mean repeater of scriptural teaching, as a person who . . . invented nothing, as one who never thought invention to be any part of his calling, but who concluded that he was to take the message from the lips of God to the best of his ability and simply to be a mouth for God to the people, mourning that anything of his own should come between, but never thinking that he was somehow to refine that message, to adapt it to the brilliance of this wonderful century, and then to hand it out as being so much his own that he might take some share of the glory of it.

–Charles Spurgeon, as quoted in H. M. S. Richards, Feed My Sheep (Review and Herald, 1958), 38

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