Resolving Everyday Conflict–free audiobook

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Resolving Everyday Conflict

Ken Sande, author of Peace Maker, the best book I personally have read on biblical conflict resolution has extracted some of the key principles from Peace Maker and released them in a readable short (107 pages) book for anyone. I still recommend the fuller Peace Maker, but you can't go wrong with this free audiobook.

You can get Resolving Everyday Conflict free this month from

Four questions answered by four G’s.
1. How can I focus on God in this conflict?  G1: Glorify God
2. How can I own my own part in this conflict? G2: Get the log out of my eye
3. How can I help others own their part in this conflict? G3: Gently restore
4. How can I give forgiveness and help reach a reasonable solution?
G4: Go and be reconciled















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