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Living it Out

(This is a re-post since I’m working through the book of James again.) I have often stated that teaching is information for transformation. But what is the opposite? What happens when we teach or when we learn but are not transformed? In a conversation with George May (Pastor of Counseling and Family Ministries at Calvary …

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Bible Reading in 2013

In the past I’ve tried to post reading suggestions, But this year, I’m just reposing a comprehensive list of reading suggestion by Justin Taylor. Do you want to read the whole Bible? If the average person reads 200 to 250 words per minute, and if there are about 775,000 words in …

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Repost: Let Faithfulness Be Enough

LET FAITHFULNESS BE ENOUGH You didn’t call me to be successful, You called me to be faithful. Keep me from the treadmill of performance. Let faithfulness be enough. You didn’t call me to be known, You called me to know You. Keep me obedient to what I know. Let faithfulness be enough. You didn’t call …