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The single most catalytic activity individuals can participate in to spur on their own personal walk with the Lord is reflecting on Scripture (based on the Reveal Spiritual Life Survey).

To reflect on Scripture is more than just reading, it is stopping to think about the truths encountered in such a way that causes one’s thinking begins to change leading to behavior change (not just behavior modification).

How to do this in a busy life? Only intentionally.

The tools listed in this section are to assist you in intentionally reflecting on Scripture not simply with the goal of gaining information or knowledge but to equip you to use that information for application leading to transformation in how you think about God, yourself, your priorities, position, possessions and influences.

I encourage you to spend most of your time in the biblical text for yourself, there are a few simple electronic resources that you might find helpful. But don’t let what others have studied be your first line of study, make it the final stage of your study.

Personal resources for Bible Study–purpose, approach/methodology and the basics

Technology–my favorite tools for Bible study in an electronic format

Resources–recommended resources for sound and helpful Bible studies

See also my studies and curriculum

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