Background and Romans 1-5

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Scripture quoted From The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

00_Introduction.Participant notes.pdf 318.0 KB
00_Introduction.ROADS.Participant notes.pdf 314.2 KB
00_Introduction.Teachers notes.pdf 495.6 KB
00_Overview of Romans.Participant handout.pdf 403.4 KB
00_Overview of Romans.Teachers notes.pdf 790.8 KB
00_Romans overview lesson ppt.pdf 370.4 KB
01_Background.NT survey.Participant handout.pdf 350.5 KB
01_Background.NT survey.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 5.1 MB
01_Background.NT survey.Teachers notes.pdf 959.1 KB
01_Background.NT survey.pbs.pdf 80.7 KB
02_Background.Paul.PBS.pdf 119.5 KB
02_Background.Paul.Participant handout.pdf 242.5 KB
02_Background.Paul.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 3.0 MB
02_Background.Paul.Teachers notes.pdf 616.5 KB
03_Romans 1.1-7.PBS.pdf 94.6 KB
03_Romans 1.1-7.Participant handout.pdf 91.8 KB
03_Romans 1.1-7.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 2.1 MB
03_Romans 1.1-7.Teachers notes.pdf 669.6 KB
04_Romans 1.8-17.PBS.pdf 160.4 KB
04_Romans 1.8-17.Participant handout.pdf 171.8 KB
04_Romans 1.8-17.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 5.1 MB
04_Romans 1.8-17.Teachers notes.pdf 555.6 KB
04_Romans 1.8-17.Teachers notes.reformated.pdf 552.6 KB
05_Romans 1.18-32.PBS.pdf 62.5 KB
05_Romans 1.18-32.Participant handout.pdf 128.0 KB
05_Romans 1.18-32.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 5.2 MB
05_Romans 1.18-32.Teachers notes.pdf 678.2 KB
06_Romans 2.1-16.PBS.pdf 63.6 KB
06_Romans 2.1-16.Participant handout.pdf 180.4 KB
06_Romans 2.1-16.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 5.2 MB
06_Romans 2.1-16.Teachers notes.pdf 616.7 KB
07_Romans 2.17-29.PBS.pdf 62.0 KB
07_Romans 2.17-29.Participant handout.pdf 188.1 KB
07_Romans 2.17-29.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 4.8 MB
08_Romans 3.1-8.PBS.pdf 175.7 KB
08_Romans 3.1-8.Participant handout.pdf 191.2 KB
08_Romans 3.1-8.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 4.1 MB
08_Romans 3.1-8.Teachers notes.pdf 729.0 KB
09_Romans 3.9-20.PBS.pdf 128.5 KB
09_Romans 3.9-20.Participant handout.pdf 129.4 KB
09_Romans 3.9-20.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 4.3 MB
09_Romans 3.9-20.Teachers notes.pdf 813.7 KB
10_Romans 1-3.20.Interlude.PBS.pdf 226.6 KB
10_Romans 1-3.20.Interlude.Participant handout 2.pdf 198.0 KB
10_Romans 1-3.20.Interlude.Participant handout.pdf 215.0 KB
10_Romans 1-3.20.Interlude.Teachers notes.pdf 467.8 KB
11_Romans 3.21-31.PBS.pdf 125.7 KB
11_Romans 3.21-31.Participant handout.pdf 280.4 KB
11_Romans 3.21-31.Teachers Notes.pdf 658.2 KB
11_Romans 3.21-32.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 8.5 MB
11a_Returning from the Interlude.Teacher reminder.pdf 272.3 KB
11a_Romans 3.21-26.The Promise Fulfilled in Christ.SCK ppt.pdf 1.0 MB
11a_Romans 3.21-26.The promise fulfilled and applied to us.Handout with answers.pdf 438.9 KB
11a_Romans 3.21-26.The promise fulfilled.applied to us.Handout.pdf 437.5 KB
11a_Romans 3.21-26.The promise fulfilled.applied to us.sck.pdf 495.4 KB
12_Romans 4.1-25.PBS.pdf 134.9 KB
12_Romans 4.1-25.Participant handout.pdf 126.0 KB
12_Romans 4.1-25.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 5.1 MB
12_Romans 4.1-25.Teachers notes.pdf 608.0 KB
13_Romans 5.1-11.PBS.pdf 123.9 KB
13_Romans 5.1-11.Participant handout.pdf 126.5 KB
13_Romans 5.1-11.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 7.2 MB
13_Romans 5.1-11.Teachers notes.pdf 630.1 KB
14_Romans 5.12-21.PBS.pdf 127.3 KB
14_Romans 5.12-21.Participant handout.pdf 237.5 KB
14_Romans 5.12-21.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 5.6 MB
14_Romans 5.12-21.Teachers notes.pdf 559.1 KB
14b_Romans 5.12-.Are we condemned for the sin of another.Michael Patton.pdf 209.0 KB
16a_Romans 3-5 interlude.PBS.pdf 168.8 KB
16a_Romans 3-5 interlude.Participants handout.pdf 246.6 KB
16a_Romans 3-5 interlude.Teachers notes.pdf 663.9 KB
16a_Romans 3.21-5.21.Interlude review.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 7.4 MB
16b_Romans 3-5 interlude.PBS.pdf 111.1 KB
16b_Romans 3-5 interlude.Participants handout.pdf 254.2 KB
16b_Romans 3-5 interlude.Teachers notes.pdf 712.1 KB
16b_Romans 3.21-5.21.Interlude preview.Teachers notes ppt.pdf 4.5 MB

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