A 15 week study of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians


Blessed Beyond Belief to Building up the Body


The Unity of All Believers in Christ.

In Ephesians, Paul writes to a mainly Gentile audience to emphasize the unity of the Church created in Christ and to encourage believers to maintain that unity along with a Christ-like walk.

In the first half of the book (1:1-3:21) Paul emphasizes first the individual then corporate positional truths (doctrine) of unity with Christ and mutual unity in Christ. The second half of the book (4:1-6:24) he provides practical ways to fulfill God’s purpose for individuals and the church. He calls us to walk uprightly and stand firm.


You may download the information and print it for yourself and others as long as it is given away and no charge is made for it. It cannot be bundled with anything sold, nor can a charge be made for shipping, handling or anything. It is provided for personal study or for use in preparation of sermons, bible classes or other non-commercial studies. This release does not apply to other media than paper printed distribution.  For free distribution of more than 100 copies, you must obtain written permission and comply with reasonable guidelines of content control and include proper credit and acknowledgments.  For inquires email steve@stevekilgore.com.

3 Files per lesson (Teachers notes, Handout and PowerPoint–all converted to .pdf)

Audio of many of the lessons can be download at https://stevekilgore.com/resources/ select “Ephesians” from the series drop down menu.

Each lesson also depends on the file marked {00_Ephesians structural layout.ESV working copy}  which includes observation on the text.

00_Ephesians structural layout.ESV.pdf 1.6 MB
01_Ephesians 1.3-14.pdf 1.1 MB
01_Ephesians1.1-14.handout.pdf 503.5 KB
01_Ephesians1.1-14.ppt.pdf 371.2 KB
02_Ephesians1.15-23 ppt.pdf 336.9 KB
02_Ephesians1.15-23.handout.pdf 393.5 KB
02_Ephesians1.15-23.pdf 718.7 KB
03_Ephesians 2.1-10.handout.pdf 115.5 KB
03_Ephesians2.1-10 ppt.pdf 560.4 KB
03_Ephesians2.1-10.pdf 675.4 KB
04_Ephesians2.11-22 ppt.pdf 1.0 MB
04_Ephesians2.11-22.handout.pdf 485.5 KB
04_Ephesians2.11-22.pdf 1.0 MB
05_Ephesians3.1-13 ppt.pdf 351.8 KB
05_Ephesians3.1-13.handout.pdf 486.0 KB
05_Ephesians3.1-13.pdf 874.6 KB
06_Ephesians3.14-21 ppt.pdf 373.8 KB
06_Ephesians3.14-21.devotional handout.pdf 492.6 KB
06_Ephesians3.14-21.handout.pdf 486.3 KB
06_Ephesians3.14-21.pdf 877.3 KB
07_Ephesians4.1-6 ppt.pdf 897.2 KB
07_Ephesians4.1-6.handout.pdf 574.7 KB
07_Ephesians4.1-6.pdf 808.4 KB
08_Ephesians4.7-16 ppt.pdf 564.6 KB
08_Ephesians4.7-16.handout.pdf 426.7 KB
08_Ephesians4.7-16.pdf 1.0 MB
09_Ephesians4.17-24 ppt.pdf 335.4 KB
09_Ephesians4.17-24.pdf 1.0 MB
10_Ephesians4.25-32 ppt.pdf 1.4 MB
10_Ephesians4.25-32.handout.pdf 415.9 KB
10_Ephesians4.25-32.pdf 1.1 MB
11_Ephesians5.1-14 ppt.pdf 357.4 KB
11_Ephesians5.1-14.handout.pdf 414.0 KB
11_Ephesians5.1-14.pdf 1.2 MB
12_Ephesians5.15-21 ppt.pdf 256.9 KB
12_Ephesians5.15-21.pdf 861.1 KB
13_Ephesians5.22-33 ppt.pdf 359.9 KB
13_Ephesians5.22-33.handout.pdf 403.8 KB
13_Ephesians5.22-33.pdf 1.0 MB
15_Ephesians6.10-20.handout.pdf 647.6 KB
15_Ephesians6.10-24 ppt.pdf 421.9 KB
15_Ephesians6.10-24.pdf 1.7 MB


Scripture quoted From The Holy Bible, English Standard VersionCopyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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