Who is Steve Kilgore?

Steve Kilgore joined the staff of Calvary Church in Lancaster, PA in the fall of 2002 as the Pastor of Discipleship to facilitate the equipping ministries, which include Adult Bible Fellowship and other adult discipleship ministries, and work with the rest of the education ministries. He currently serves as the Executive Pastor of Ministries  with a focus on providing ministries that facility individuals taking intentional Next Steps for growing and participating in the leadership and administrative aspect at Calvary.

He has also taught part-time at Lancaster Bible College in the area of Spiritual Formation and New Testament. Prior to coming to Calvary he served in two churches as well as taught part-time at Philadelphia Biblical University.

He was born in Dallas, Texas, but spent the first 13 years of his life in Guatemala where his parents were missionaries. It was there at the age of four and a half that Steve placed his faith in Christ as his Savior.

Steve received a Bachelor’s degree in Bible from Philadelphia College of Bible and a Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Steve and his wife, Mary Anne, have their two boys, Andrew and Nathan (both in college), and live in East Lampeter Township.

Steve lives and ministers by the personal motto, Know what you believe and why, live it, be able to defend it. His hobbies, other than playing with his family, include tinkering with computers, reading,  drinking coffee with his wife, playing and watching basketball.  Steve and Mary Anne are looking forward to exploring new hobbies as they transition to life as empty-nesters.

(Although I am an employee of Calvary Church, the content on this site represents my personal opinions, and does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Calvary Church.)

8 Comments on “Who is Steve Kilgore?

  1. Steve!
    Found your blog thru’ the alumni site at DTS.
    We’re headed back to Big Red country; we’ve been in dallas for 10 years. Big Transition….new town has 8000 people.
    Tell me about the journey from sr p to p of discipleship…How has God encouraged you? Where were you most tested?


    Brad J
    cell: 214.232.4873

  2. Not very educated with computers…ugh! So if you get this..
    please…do you know what the alpha course is…one of
    our daughters and her husband are taking it at a different church…
    I tried to get some info online to no avail…Is it true to the Word?
    Salvation by grace through faith? etc. Thanks Terry

    Praying for you and the staff at Calvary

  3. Hi Terry,

    The Alpha program is used by those who want to provide an informal non-treating environment for unchurch individuals to be exposed to God.

    It has been a number of years since I have looked at it, but as I recall the first 7-10 lessons are basic (not very deep) but are biblical. Then the last few lessons are introduce a bit of charismatic theology.

    I do know that several of our missionaries use the first 7-10 lessons and are pleased with results.

    I hope that helps.

  4. Hi Steve,
    It's a pity that I failed to talk to you after the last men's meeting. We are going back to China right after Christmas, so I don't think I will be able to attend the future classes.. 
    Anyway, do you think it's possible for us to meet before Christmas and when wiould be convenient for you?

  5. Steve, I found your Bible Study Methods sheet online and was just wondering if you would give me permission to make copies for my class. I am the Men’s pastor at our church and I am going to be teaching a class on the different methods of Bible study. I love the way you have laid out R.O.A.D.S. and would like the men to have a copy of your sheet. Great work brother!

    1. David,

      Thanks for asking. I recently updated the summary card and haven’t had time to update the version here on my website. If you email me at steve@stevekilgore.com, I’ll be glad to send you a version that is easily printable.

      By the way, I also lead our men’s study at the church I serve. So if you ever want to compare notes–I love learning together with others.

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