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Don’t be a man pleaser

Found this quote on the blog Ministry Best Practices

An unhealthy dependence on people for affirmation traps us in a horrible prison. The Bible calls this dependence “the fear of man”. “Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord will be kept safe” (Proverbs 29:25). The apostle Paul speaks of the same trap as “trying to win the approval of men” (Galatians 1:10). Jesus called it loving “praise from men more than praise from God” (John 12:43). In more colloquial terms, my spiritual father, Jack Miller, referred to it as “being an approval suck.” Being controlled by the “fear of man” is to make people, rather than God, our delight-our great delight.

-Scotty Smith, Objects of His Affection, Coming Alive to the Compelling Love of God

ESV Study Bible

Since I made the switch to the ESV a year ago, I have received regular inquires as to, “Which study Bible should I purchase?”

Up to this point, I have given an unsatisfying, “just wait a good is under development.”

I have been tracking the development for almost a year and last week the official web site for the new ESV Study Bible went public.

If you are interested in a study Bible I would encourage you to take a look.  You can look at a sample page and find out all the details.

The list of contributors promises that this will be a very useful study Bible.  It will be “thick.”

Release date is October 15, 2008.

I’ve got it on my wish list and can’t wait to get my copy.

I’ll write a more complete review when I can get my hands on a copy.

Technology Tuesday

I am regularly asked to recommend Bible study software and/or Bible study sites.

Today I want to recommend two websites that facilitate Bible study (in the order I use them). The NeXt Bibleâ„¢ Learning Environment offers the most comprehensive set of free resources available online, including commentaries, articles, word studies, original biblical languages and cross references all integrated into a system that empowers you to carefully study the Word of God and to prepare your teaching lessons quickly.

Tyndale Toolbar for Firefox

An amazing amount of information at your the point of your mouse. (Over 70 English Bible translations, and so much more)

The Tyndale Toolbar is freely available to any Bible student. It has been designed specifically for members of the Tyndale Fellowship and others who use the resources of Tyndale House. Adding News, Events and Opportunities to the notices is restricted to members of Tyndale Fellowship and Tyndale House, but everything else (including reading those notices) is unrestricted. Please feel free to share this with colleagues or students who might find it useful.

2008 Christianity Today Book Awares

Interesting to see what is being written and what is being read.

This annotated list of winner is intersting.   The books listed in general deal with issues of authenticity, reliability, reality in truth and relationships.

We still have a ways to go in explaining and defending the historicity and reliability of the Bible.
We still have a ways to go in understanding and living the authentic and real relational connection or community that Jesus intended the Church to live.

Start up

I’m starting a blog–yes this is the latest fad, but I think there are some significant things that can be communicated. My target audience is going to be “thinking Christians”–primarily people like ABF teachers, small group leaders, Bible students. I am planning on posting some random musings, links to article on key passages that I will be studying, article answering “hot topics” or at least current issues and anything that makes me think.

The biggest difficulty in getting started was coming up with a name. What do you call your blog?

My wife and sons helped me think it through–everything from: Amazed by grace, Inside out, current musings, to Nathan’s very creative Stevie Wonders.

But I settled on Fluency. I’ll explain it in the next entry.