Colossians 1:9-14 Small Group Questions

Paul’s purposeful prayer.

1. If God were to grant you one guaranteed request for yourself, what would you ask for? (Just one! And it can’t be for unlimited requests!)

2. How does Paul’s purposeful prayer–“so that”–challenge your prayer life?

3. What cost would you pay in order to please God?

4. When it comes to God’s will–which of these categories best describes you:

  • It is hard from me to make decisions, I need to know specifics directions from God.
  • I am constantly waiting to “hear” from God.
  • I don’t think very often about “God’s will” I pretty much go about my life.
  • I am conscious of God’s will, but I simply try to make wise decisions until God changes my circumstances.

5. The test or evidence of maturity in these verses seems to be endurance and patience along with joyful thanksgiving.  How do you measure up?

6. If God never gave you any more specific direction than to seek what God desires, to make Him and His purpose primary, would that be enough?

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