Thoughts on the Attributes of God

God is . . .

All-powerful but not capricious
Eternal and transcendent yet compassionate and concerned
Unchanging and infinite yet reveals Himself in simplicity
Incomprehensible yet knowable though undefinable

Holy, unique and distinct but not distant, but only unapproachable on His terms
Independent, self-existent with the desire to bless man by seeking and allowing worship

The greatest gift He can give us is the ability/right to worship Him in interment relationship

Purposeful not manipulated by outside motives, what He does is always eternally just, right and good
Omnipresent therefore available
Omniscient therefore never surprised
Righteous yet merciful
Just yet graceful
Good not corrupt or corruptible and incapable of erring
Loving and therefore giving what is best and needed, but wise not always giving us what we want

All-sufficient, needs nothing but desires our all
All-glorious, most perfect, most awesome yet stoops down to related to man and share His likeness and image
All-knowing and wants to be known

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