The purpose of the church

C.S. Lewis said, “there exists in every church something that sooner or later works against the very purpose for which it came into existence. So we must strive very hard, by the grace of God to keep the church focused on the mission that Christ originally gave it.”

Does it matter how many people are coming through the front door if the back door is wide open? We’ve often become so focused on reaching people that we’ve forgotten the importance of keeping people. ‐Larry Osborne

I wonder if that is true of all churches or do some churches just get comfortable doing what they do, that they (we) don’t see who has left?

The church is not an event but a relationship.  Not an event to attend, but relationships to cultivate–a relationship with God and a relationship with the people of God.

It is through relationship that we grow, it is through relationship we share, it is through relationship we endure.

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