The Dog in Church

A week ago a couple visited our church–with a dog.

They didn’t look like the “average” church family. The dog was dress nicely.

As they entered Fellowship Hall for dinner, they looked lost–unsure what to do, where to go, how to proceed. Many looked but only one helped.

An Elder stepped up, walking across the foyer and into Fellowship Hall to engage them–to demonstrate compassion.


Why, when we have been shown so much compassion, mercy, grace and acceptance do we find it so hard to reach out to those who looked lost, look hopeless–don’t dress like us, talk like us, aren’t one of us?

Why was I too busy–running “to do ministry”–to actually minister?  I didn’t see them until later on in the evening.  Had they been around?  Had I missed them?  Would I have helped them?

I praise the Lord for the example of an Elder who stopped and showed compassion.

Will I respond appropriately next time?

A former student of mine posted a wonderfully convicting account today about a similar encounter.

2 thoughts on “The Dog in Church”

  1. Compassion–always one of my weak points.

    Emerging but not emergent, from what I currently understand of the “conversation.” (Difference between methodology and theology)

    And to balance both my new found compassion and emerging perspective, wait for my post entitled, The Church, Theology and the ETS President’s conversion to RCC.

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