Preparing for Easter

Resources to help you proactively remembers Jesus Christ’s cross-work and celebrating His resurrection and exaltation.

I’m including many excellent resources, don’t feel overwhelmed—pick one and use it to prepare your mind, heart and soul for an encounter with God, to overflow with thanksgiving and develop greater anticipated certainty (hope). Within each section they are listed from simple to more complex (or longer).

Overview and purpose of Lent

Reading plans

Simple outline with Scripture of the final week

Final Week of Jesus

Triumphal Entry
The date of the crucifixion


The Final Days of Jesus: The Most important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived, by Andreas Kostenberger and Justin Taylor

An outline of the final week from The Final Days of Jesus (This is from the book listed above for those who need something shorter.)
40 Day reading guide The Final Days of Jesus

For those who learn better “seeing,” you can also see a series of short video post

Behold the King of Glory: A Narrative of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Russ Ramsey

If the book is too much, here is a study guide from the book that will help you see the whole life of Jesus

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