When words are shallow

when words are shallow

when the cruelty of death is felt
but words are shallow

when people leave
but the pain lingers

when the time passes and life goes on
but you wish the world would stand still

when others can begin to smile
but you still hurt

when words are shallow
but a person’s impact so deep

you turn to God
he is still here

you know that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever
but you ask why

he understands yesterday’s pain
he understands today’s sorrow
he is there for tomorrow’s lingering loss

when words are shallow
he cares

when words are shallow
his grace is sufficient

when words are shallow
his love will sustain.


Written in the fall of 1995 on the eve of the funeral for the son of a good friend. I wrote down the words–“How can I minister, how can I help? My words and my presence seem so shallow.”

It’s not my words, it’s His presence, I am to be His tangible evidence.

Stephen C. Kilgore

(I’ve read this at funerals before, but I thought it was time to share it.)

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