Thank you for our freedom

Memorial Day in the United States of America

Memorial day is not simply a long holiday weekend, or time for families to gather, or the start of summer.

This Memorial Day, we must reflect, we do remember the sacrifice that has been made on our behalf so that we can live in a free country.  Men and women have given their lives. And we are forever thankful that we can worship our God in a land that is free.

May we live as free people: Free to serve, Free to love, Free to give, Free to make a difference.


The Christian Memorial Day.
While we celebrate our national memorial day once a year, we are mindful that every Sunday is not the end of the week, but the beginning, the first day of the week–a day when we remember the Resurrection of our Savior–a glorious day of remembrance.  We remember that a great price has been paid for our freedom–our freedom from the guilt of sin.  May we live as free.  Free from the bondage of sin that the Lord has already provided.


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