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Yesterday at Calvary Church we demonstrated inductive Bible study.  It is something I do and model in classes room environments all the time, but we managed to do it in front of a large audience (I hope).

So as a follow-up, here are some tools.

First, a simply outline. I use the acronym ROADS as a reminder of the 5 steps of Bible Study–
Read Observe Analyse Do Share.
(Click on the image to the right to see my summary sheet).

Second, while I encourage you to spend most of your time in the biblical text, there are a few simple electronic resources that you might find helpful.

Bible Study Tools

nethttps://net.bible.org   The Net Bible ™ Study Environment offers the most comprehensive set of free resources available online, including commentaries, articles, word studies, original biblical languages and cross references all integrated into a system that empowers you to carefully study the Word of God and to prepare your teaching lessons quickly.

(In the right panel click on the tap “Grk/Heb” and the move your mouse over any word English (left) and watch.  Easy way to get a definition–hover over a Greek or Hebrew word and watch how fast the definition shows up.)

www.biblestudytools.com  Bible study tools including a Bible concordance, a Biblebiblestudytools dictionary, 20 Bible versions, commentaries, and much more. Great for copy the text to a word processor so you can do your own structural rewrite.

http://www.biblegateway.com  A tool for reading and researching Scripture online — Biblegatewayall in the language or translation of your choice. It provides advanced searching capabilities, which allow readers to find and compare particular passages in scripture based on keywords, phrases, or scripture reference. Includes resources in Spanish.

Bible Study Resources
netBiblical Studies Foundation: 
 Biblical Studies Foundation web site with many articles and Bible book studies (some scholarly works), along with a helpful Bible translation, the NET Bible which has great translator notes.

They also have an app for iOS.

http://obrerofiel.com For those whose heart language is Spanish.

Holy Land Photos http://holylandphotos.org
Free, hi-resolution images of the Holy Land

Additional Suggestions
English Standard Version http://www.esvbible.org Read, Listen, Take Notes

If you do not have a good internet connection or want to download free Bible Study software, check out e-Sword.esword

Apps for your electronic device or computer

Electronic options—great resource!

youversion_logoMore reading  options than I could count.   Youversion iconApps for virtually every device.


logo-betaThis resource is free for life if you register prior to March 2014 (you can purchase the ESV for $5)–good study Bible, great graphics–my app of choice for all my mobile study and teaching

     Get the iOS app         Get the Android app     Get the Kindle Fire app 

Or register online at Bible.Faithlife.com.


Please note: These sites are provided for your benefit, but this does not constitute an endorsement of all the material that might be found on these sites.

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