Family devotional activities free ebook

I haven’t read it, but it is free today for those who might want to check it out. Let me know if you find it helpful.

Amazing Adventures, Creative Connections, and Daring Deeds

Author(s): Tim & Alison Simpson
Publisher: NavPress
Price: FREE (June 25 Only)

Say good-bye to passive family devotions! The energy and creativity of these 40 activities, which can be adapted to all ages, is a great resource for individual families or for churches with family and intergenerational ministries.

Instead of reading a verse that is soon forgotten, you and your kids will engage in activities both inside and outside the home that demonstrate biblical faith in action. The result? Seeing how you can live as disciples whatever your sphere of influence.

Each of the 40 activities includes a creative introduction, a brief exploration of a Bible passage, and active ideas for applying biblical truth

This great discipleship and outreach tool includes age-appropriate discussion questions and activities for age four through teens.

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