Visual Theology

Too often doctrine and theology are taught in a boring way rather than as a means of encountering God.
And too often, theology is taught in such a way that the details obscure the key points.
So I am grateful for people who can take the deep things of God and make them understandable.

While I might (if I had the artistic capability) change some of the elements, there graphics to visualize theology should be helpful to many.

Thanks to Tim Challies (to purchase posters of these click the on the Visual Theology graphic)

Visual Theology


  1. Visual Theology – The Order of Salvation
  2. Visual Theology – The Attributes of God
  3. Visual Theology – The Books of the Bible
  4. Visual Theology – Think On These Things
  5. Visual Theology – Awaiting the Messiah
  6. Visual Theology – The Trinity
  7. Visual Theology – To the Glory of God

The Trinity

Order of Salvation

The Glory of God

Attributes of God

Books of the Bible

Awaiting the Messiah

Think on These Things


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