1 Timothy 2:1-7 Small Group Questions

This passage challenges us with a Call to Prayer.

Notice who we are to prayer for and what the desired outcome is.

Small Group Questions

1. What do you pray for most?

2. Who do you pray for most?

3. Do you have a system of prayer? A list?

4. How do you pray for those in authority over you?

5. Paul prayer for the freedom to live a godly life with the purpose of proclaiming the gospel to fulfill God’s desire?

How is that evident in your life?

How is it not evident in your life?

6. Are you challenge more with your limitation in prayer or the limitation of your life as a testimony?

7. Identify all the characteristics and attributes about God and Jesus listed?  How do they challenge and encourage you?

7. How do you deal with difference of opinion?

8. How do you deal with difference of belief (doctrine)? (ignore, separate, argue, discuss, criticize)

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