Smartphone Apps for Christians

I’m a frustrated techie (geek, nerd)–I’d love to be an early adopter, but that’s too expensive. But there are lots of great free and inexpensive tools.  So in this post I will provide a simple list of useful Smartphone apps for Christians. At some time in the future I’ll list more of my favorite apps.

Smartphone Apps

My favorite “Christian” apps.  For descriptions click on the icon to open either the Android App Store (first) or the iOS App Store (second).



ESV Bible

Logos and Vyrso

Logos has also created Vyrso as an ebook reader.


Ryrie Basic Theology Central Passages

Beneficial Apps

These apps are not per say “Christian” but you may find them helpful to assist you in your transformation journey.


Highly recommend Gospel Ebooks to keep up with discounted and free Kindle books.

Google Reader

For RSS feed and to read blogs (I’ll post my favorite blogs later)

Media players are built into smartphones; my preferred player on Android is Winamp (for music, audio books and podcasts).

For audio books

I use iTunes to manage my music, audio-books and podcasts. And since I have an Android Smartphone I use iSyncr to transfer from iTunes to my phone (wired or wirelessly).


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