Confidence in your Bible in an age of skepticism

There have always been attacks on the truths of Scripture.  People have always challenged the truth principles and moral/ethical implications of those truths. We often hear, “that’s your interpretation” or “that was for a different culture” or “they don’t know what we know now” or “they were wrong.”  And those challenges will always be around.

But today we also see challenges to the integrity of Scripture.  Challenges that try to discourage the “average reader” by stating that there is no way that what is in your Bible is even remotely close to what was in the originals.

The first challenge is about truth, the second challenge is about the integrity or the reality of the source of truth.

My favorite Greek professor Daniel Wallace recently spoke at Biola University about the second challenge.  A reminder that we can trust the Bible we have based on the manuscripts we have.

If you don’t have time for both, watch the second, he gives a summary of the first.

I hope to follow this up with additional support material.

Is what we have now what they wrote then?





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