Learning to Pray Big

A lesson from a missionary friend.


Papua New Guinea has a cultural difference that is sometimes hard to get used to. It is the “ASKIM“. The askim is when a national will come to us and ask for a favor or request usually far exceeding what we would expect in our home culture. But their attitude is “Askim Tasol”. which literally means “Asking that’s all”. They know if they don’t ask it will never be granted so why not ask! It’s done in the context of relationship. The interesting part is that while it is sometimes embarrassing to us, it really isn’t to them. I was thinking, in a way, this is what God expects from us. In our relationship with Him, He is not embarrassed to hear our every request. Sometimes, we ask more than what we need and he doesn’t grant it to us but He never gets mad or tired of hearing from us and our own ASKIMS!

Tim Scott

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