Art for the Glory of God

I have no artistic ability–I try to improve my creativity, but that doesn’t include art.

Art was for a long time a means of exalting God as the creative Creator.  But as with many expressions art can be less than worshipful.  To see someone use their artistic ability to the glory of God is a wonderful thing.

Here are a few examples.

From Justin Taylor, Makoto Fujimura who is using his art for a special commemorative edition of the King James Bible (for it’s 400th anniversary).  The video is worth watching.

Also, one art book I did purchase, Robert Doares, Immanuel: God with Us–The Life of Christ in Art, after seeing the display at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College in Chicago.

And if you would like to think more about the nature of art and the church, see Mike Cosper’s article in which he address: Art for the church, Art from the church, Art facing the church.

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