Colossians 1:24-2:7 Small Group Questions

Within this section of Colossians we have Paul’s mission or purpose statement–the driving goal of his ministry.

So as we reflection on his mission…

  1. What is the most important thing in your life? What should be the most important things in your life? What are your priorities? What do you think God’s purpose for your life is? What do you think He wants you to accomplish?
  2. What values determine your actions? What is the “sentence” of your life? Do you have a set of clear motivating principles?


But the passage not only challenges us with clarity of purpose but with personal transformation.

  1. What is at least one major change in you since you became a believer in Christ?
  2. What do you still want to see Christ change in your life?
  3. When was your greatest spiritual growth spurt? What caused it?
  4. What are some of your spiritual growth inhibitors? What might unsettle your faith in Christ?
  5. How is “Christ in you” the “hope of glory” true today?
  6. How are you helping others to grow?
  7. How are you being “built up” in Him? What is the evidence?
  8. How can we abound in thanksgiving?


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