Colossians 1:15-23 Small Group Questions

Paul concludes his long introduction with a focus on who Jesus is and what He did.

Before looking at the questions in your small group, you will want to spend extra time reading, rereading, meditating and contemplating the truths of this passage.

Small Group Questions
1. How often do you stop to contemplate the character of God or of Jesus?
2. If not often, why do we not spend much time contemplate the character of God?
3. Of the list of statements about Jesus, which one surprises you? Which one have you not thought of much?
4. Which of the characteristic that Paul mentions causes you to worship Jesus more?
5. If all of creation is “for Him,” for His glory–what is our role? How do we accomplish it?
6. We have peace with God now–but notice the way Paul describes us prior to Christ. Do you see yourself that way?
7. What would cause you to lose hope and shake your faith? What does this passage teach you that can provide a firm foundation?

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